This section will explain how to allow users to download a presentation. Mediasite offers 3 different download types:

PodcastThe user will be able to download the audio file (MP3) only.
Video PodcastA video podcast is a single, flat MP4 file and consists a video of the recorded Desktop and the audio.
Publish-to-goThis creates a web applet of the presentation, including the Mediasite Player. It gives the user the exact experience as he or she would be watching it via Mediasite.

Both podcast and video podcasts will create flat audio file (MP3) or flat video file (MP4), which can be used to embed into Powerpoint Presentation, Storyline/Rise Module or other software. In both cases, all metadata (Presenter name, description, tags, etc.) will not be included in the file.

Publish-to-go is a special format, which is useful if you wish to preserve the viewing experience and keep all the metadata (Presenter Name, Lecture description, tags, etc.). A Publish-to-go package is not a file and can not be embedded into software such as Powerpoint, Camtasia or any other software. You will need to upload it a website or web server. 

You will need to be logged into the Mediasite Management Portal, using the link below:


Open the presentation you wish to create a podcast or video podcast for and click edit.


Next, click on the Delivery tab


Select either Podcast or Video Podcast. In this example, we're going to select Video Podcast. 

Next, select the UNTHSC Vodcast template and click Save

NOTE: If you wish to create a Podcast (audio only), make sure to select MP3 160kbps.


Mediasite will now start creating the Podcast file or Video Podcast file. You can monitor the progress in the Delivery Tab. 

When Mediasite has completed processing, the status of the Video Podcast will change to a URL.


To download the MP3 or MP4, click on the Download Video Podcast button.