This section explains how to recover an unpublished presentation/publish a manually recorded presentation. 


On a rare occasion, a lecture has been scheduled and recorded, but not published to the Mediasite Cloud. When you have manually started a recording, you will need to follow the steps below as well.

You will need to be logged into the Mediasite Management Portal and the Recorder Control Center using the links below:

The folders listed in the screenshot below may be different, depending on your privileges.


Logon to the Recorder Control Center and click on the recorder that should contain the missing presentation.

Scheduled recording that didn't publish

If a lecture was scheduled, but failed to publish to the Mediasite Cloud, it will be noted as "Failed: Publish to server (UNT HSC Mediasite Cloud)"

Manually recorder lecture

If a lecture was manually recorded, the recorder will only show the title and the date/time it was recorded



In Mediasite Manager:

Using the left pane, Navigate to the folder, where you the missing presentation to be placed in and click on the folder name . This to make sure that the recorded presentation inherits the privileges of that folder. 


Create an empty presentation, fill in the details and click Save

  • Change the template to "Content Video High Res" (mandatory)
  • Add a title (mandatory)
  • Optionally change the recording date


Go back to the recorder again, and click Publish.

Find the empty presentation you created in STEP 3