Are you receiving the below TurnItIn error for an assignment?

To resolve the TurnItIn error:

  • Edit the Canvas assignment 
  • Remove the Available from date from the assignment 

  • Save the assignment 
  • Once the TurnItIn window appears, click on the TurnItIn Settings
    • if error still appears, edit assignment and remove all dates
  • Adjust the TurnItIn dates
    • TurnItIn Start Date = Canvas Available from * has to be before the Due Date
    • TurnItIn Due Date = Canvas Due Date * has to be after the Start Date 
    • TurnItIn Feedback Release Date = date when students can view comments and grades in GradeMark

  • Click Submit to save TurnItIn dates 
  • Edit the Canvas assignment again
  • Update the assignment's Due, Available from, and Until dates 
  • Save assignment