NOTE: To upload large files to MyMediasite, please use this direct link!

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Navigate any Canvas course and click on My Mediasite button, and then click Authorize


Click on the Add Media button, and click I want to upload a file from my computer.


Locate the file you wish to upload and click open. A dialogue will open, where you will need to enter a Presentation Title and optionally a description.

The destination should be left as My Drafts.

Click on the Create Presentation button to complete.


At the next screen, your video will be shown as Presentation Scheduled. Mediasite is now converting your video into a web format. This will take some time, depending on the size en length of your video. 

Optionally, you can click Edit Details to edit the video Title, edit the Description, add Tags or add/change other information. See this article for a more detailed instruction.


After the video has been upload, the default behaviour is that any newly uploaded videos are only viewable by you and no-one else. This is highlighted by a closed lock icon. Click the lock icon to make it viewable.