The Center for Innovative Learning has created a global question bank that consists of mid-course related questions.  This information walks you through building a mid-semester survey using this question bank.  You can use all of the items in the related question bank, choose some of the questions, or add your own questions.  The general explanation of the survey embedded in Question 1 can be placed in the Quiz Instructions under Settings with your own spin on why the students should complete the survey and what you intend to do with the results. 

Step 1: Create a New Quiz

  • Click on Quizzes (1) in your left course navigation bar. Then click (2) the “Create a New Quiz” button.

Step 2: Configure Your Quiz as a Survey

  • The Settings tab will open and you can (1) add directions to your assessment and (2) select Ungraded Survey from the drop down menu next to Quiz Type. You can (3) assign the quiz to an assignment group if you wish, configure (4) additional assessment options, assign a (5) due date, set availability of the assessment, target a specific (6) course section for your assessment and finally click (7) Save.

Step 3: Import Mid-Semester Feedback Questions

  • In the new quiz creation area, click the (1) Questions Tab and then click (2) the “Find Question” button.

Step 4: Select Questions to Import

  • The Mid-Semester Feedback question bank will appear in the left margin.
  • Check the boxes next to the questions that you would like to import into your survey from the Mid-Semester Feedback question bank.
  • Note: As stated above, you do not have to use all of the questions and you can add your own questions.

To obtain an export file with the mid-course survey questions, please contact 

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